In Social Understanding
Bridges offers a web-based curriculum that develops social understanding seamlessly from the basic concepts in Kindergarten to the more complex in High School. It is for children and young people with social difficulties (e.g. autism spectrum disorder including Asperger syndrome).

The teaching strategies used in the curriculum:
• Facilitate Self-awareness/self-monitoring*
• Encourage Perspective-taking skills.
• Use Video Modelling*.
• Incorporate Role Play Practice.
• Teach Context Sensitivity.

* Research shows that positive gains come from the use of these strategies; specifically in promoting independence in social functioning.


As a professional

Are you looking for a resource to teach social understanding?
Do you want a programme that gives measurable outcomes?
Do you want a breadth of materials to support in-depth teaching?

As a parent

Do you want to improve your child’s social skills?
Do you want to help your child learn to get along?
Are you looking for a programme that adapts to the changes in social understanding at different levels of your child’s maturity?

  • What needs to be shared is new and innovative practice. Bridges is just that. It’s also unique!...It’s all about ‘outcomes’ in education and you can provide evidence that your curriculum makes a difference.
    Joanne Neill
    Principal Speech & Language Therapist
  • We look forward to your partnership as we continue to work with the Pathlight students using the quality curriculum that you have developed.
    Linda Kho
  • In terms of the curriculum, we had good feedback from teachers, therapists and students. The students were really motivated and participative… They found the videos helpful and engaging…The screenshots and ‘model’ answers were really good to help highlight the features for them to look out for.
    Alina Chua
  • We find the curriculum a great way to guide our son.
  • “The programme is very easy to use…..both my son and I like the videos. They are really useful… I like it that when we tap on the questions, answers appear. It is so convenient and we can check ourselves right after the child has answered. Wonderful! …I like the 'Highlight’ part... I might have missed out emphasising such important and practical point if not for this. Good to have such reminders.
  • I felt like we were glimpsing the future of education for young people with ASD.
    Anna Sowerbutts
    Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, London

Our skills

Social Communication

Social Interaction

Social-Emotional Development

Perspective/Flexibility In Thinking

Independence In Daily Living

Skills For Making And Keeping Friends

**The above percentages were from a survey of 59 families across 2 consecutive years. The percentage of parents who
evaluated the Bridges curriculum as showing moderate to significant improvement in their children.

We’ve created an online curriculum for social skills with positive outcomes.

A comprehensive and easy to use resource.

Over the years, children and young people who used the curriculum have shown significant improvements
in social, communication and emotional development, independence and friendship.

Social learning that adapts to different ages and levels of maturity.

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The Speech Pathology Australia National Conference 2017 is on in Sydney from 28-31 May 2017.


We will be presenting a workshop entitled:

‘Beyond the Limitations of Short-Term Social Skills Intervention: Providing a Seamless, Sequential Social Curriculum For More Able Students on the Autism Spectrum From 4 to 16 years.’

Look forward to seeing you there!