In Social Understanding
Bridges offers a web-based curriculum that develops social understanding seamlessly from the basic concepts in Kindergarten to the more complex in High School. It is for children and young people with social difficulties (e.g. autism spectrum disorder including Asperger syndrome).

The teaching strategies used in the curriculum:
• Facilitate Self-awareness/self-monitoring*
• Encourage Perspective-taking skills.
• Use Video Modelling*.
• Incorporate Role Play Practice.
• Teach Context Sensitivity.

* Research shows that positive gains come from the use of these strategies; specifically in promoting independence in social functioning.

             Beyond the Limitations of Short-Term Social Skills Intervention: Working to Make a Difference That Sustains.


                                  “…the limits of isolated social skills training over brief periods of time have been reached.” (Strain & Hoyson, 2000)

Implementing short-term programmes focuses on the tip of the iceberg of social functioning. Current research highlights limitations in poor generalisation and maintenance.


The Bridges curriculum undergirds social skills with a depth of social understanding. It specifically addresses the fact that the complex processes and skills required to function in the social world are cognitively acquired and need a depth and breadth of teaching across the longer term.

A social curriculum that:

Applies a Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

      •       Moving from social skills (‘do and say this’) to social understanding (‘why do and say this’).
Considers the Prerequisite Skills for Sequential Social Learning
      •       What needs to be understood before a particular concept or skill makes sense.
Addresses the Complexity of Social Concepts and Processes
      •       Integrating individual aspects of learning into the bigger picture of social functioning.
Provides Depth and Breadth of Content and Resources
      •       Modules of Learning broken down to systematic Lesson plans across multiple years of child development.

An Online Curriculum for Social Understanding and Social Skills.

Over the years, children and young people who used the curriculum have shown significant improvements in social, communication and emotional development, independence and friendship.

Social learning that progressively adapts to different levels of maturity.

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Speech Pathology Australia National Conference in Sydney, May 2017.


Delighted to have been a part of the largest attended

    conference Speech Pathology Australia has had.

Looking forward to the SPA National Conference in Adelaide, 2018.

“What needs to be shared is new and innovative practice. Bridges is just that. It’s also unique!”
“We are eternally grateful for bringing out the best in our kids and they wouldn’t be where they are today if not for Bridges.”
“With the Bridges sessions, I am now a better person in terms of positive attitude, self-confidence, self-discipline and better interaction with others.”