Building on the skills of perspective-taking, this level facilitates the young people’s learning of more mature social concepts and flexibility of thinking that better equips them in the teen years.

1: Assertiveness With Peers

How can I be assertive with my peers and still get along?

2: Assertiveness With Grown-ups

How can I be assertive and still respect authority and rules?

3. Feeling Good About Myself

How can I manage life’s challenges so I feel good about myself?

4. Handling My Emotions

How can I handle my emotions so I get along?

5. Being A Better Communicator

How can I communicate effectively so that I can get my ideas across more successfully?

6. Managing Bullying

How can I recognise and respond to bullying attempts?

7. Handling Peer Pressure

How can I handle different peer influences?

8. Understanding Humour

How can I respond to humour?