This Level focuses on the development of perspective taking skills that are critical in facilitating the children’s ability to get along. This enables them to engage in positive peer experiences that may be significant to their self-esteem. These skills undergird more complex social concepts at the Advanced Level.

1: Opinions (How People Think)

Do I know that people think different thoughts inside their heads?

2: Being People Smart

How can I guess what people might be thinking?

3: How People See Me

What are people thinking and feeling about me?

4: Saying Nice Things

How can I help people think well of me and feel good about me?

5. Joining Others

When people think good thoughts about me, how can I join in with them?

6. Conversation

When I join people what can I talk about?

7. Getting Along with Peers

How do I get along with the people I like?

8. Having Friends

How do I keep the friends I like?